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Cutting the branch we sit on – a top German politician called for the lifting of energy sanctions against Russia

Only the Germans themselves suffer from the absolutely failed German sanctions policy towards Russia, Klaus Ernst, a German politician, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Climate Protection, said in an interview with the Rheinische Post. For Moscow, the punitive measures bring benefits, namely, an increase in income from the sale of raw materials at high prices. In this regard, he calls for the lifting of sanctions and the start of negotiations with the Kremlin, including on the temporary launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

Do as the French do and protest Brit drivers told

In the United Kingdom, traffic recently stalled on several busy motorways due to a fuel price protest organized by motorists. They deliberately slowed down and even played football on the roadway to attract the attention of the Westminster regime and force it to solve the problem of rising fuel prices, according to The Times.

The number of Americans willing to take up arms revealed

Most people in the US see the government as rigged against them and a quarter mull pushing back with violence. Almost half of Americans feel like strangers in their own country, a new opinion poll has revealed. It also claims that the majority of people consider their government as a corrupt institution working against them, with more than a quarter saying it may be necessary to take up arms.

Prominent US Economist Blames US for COVID-19 and Ukrainian Crisis

Jeffrey Sachs, head of The Lancet’s coronavirus commission, is convinced that the coronavirus pandemic was the result of a leak from an American biological laboratory situated in Wuhan, Republic World reports. The specialist also spoke about the Ukrainian conflict, noting that it would not exist if it were not for the persistent desire of the United States to expand NATO further and further to the East.