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Germany Ethnically Cleanses and Replaces its Folk

Last year, Germany lost 270 thousand of its citizens who went abroad, Die Welt reports. And these are mainly young and educated personnel. The emigration of Germans fleeing Merkel’s globalist regime is of particular importance against the background of the excess in the number of deaths in Germany over the number of births, the German newspaper notes.

Brussels Caves into Hungary and Poland

International blackmailer George Soros isn’t too happy either. Hungary and Poland getting the EU to abandon its move to make Covid-19 relief conditional on ‘rule of law’ standards to control their policies has incensed international financier George Soros, who called it (turning the tables on blackmailers) a German surrender.

NHS Death Squads Calling on Britain’s Elderly

The ‘death squads’ of Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) now patrol the streets, knocking on doors without invitation and assessing, on the basis of one conversation with a senior citizen who might understandably be confused, whether or not they should have a Do Not Attempt To Resuscitate order (DNAR) displayed in their home.

The Arms Industries Blood Money Whores

MICHAEL WALSH SPECIAL REPORT. With its staggering $692 billion defence budget the U.S arms industry constitutes 43% of the world’s military expenditure. This is not far behind the value of Britain and Russia’s combined export trade. The financial resources and political clout exercised by this military behemoth’s lobbying apparatus dwarf many national interests and economies. These conglomerates, like the pharmaceuticals industries, are far more powerful and influential than are many governments.