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Slovakia Republic Succeeds where Trump Failed

The Republic of Slovakia, one of the powerful Visegrad Group of nations and hostile to Brussels, has successfully drained the nation’s swamp. Top-ranking officials have been removed from office or arrested in Slovakian Prime Minister Igor Matovič’s anti-corruption drive in the small Central-Eastern European country.

Social Media’s Night of the Long Knives

Dorsey and Zuckerberg lost nearly $5 billion after Trump’s account blocked. The total fortune of the head of Twitter Jack Dorsey and the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg fell by almost $ 5 billion in a day. Earlier, social networks decided to block the accounts of Donald Trump, after which the shares of companies began to fall rapidly. It gets worse for the dual-passport holder Mark Zuckerberg as 500 Twenty-five million new users joined Telegram messenger in the last 72 hours alone, the messenger’s founder Pavel Durov said Tuesday.

People beg us to bring our country back to normal

“Most difficult Christmas for Italians since the war”- Salvini.
Charity Begins at Home says Matteo Salvini: Instead of helping fake migrants, the Italian government should concentrate on helping its own people with adequate measures tailored to counteract the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, League leader Matteo Salvini told conservative Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap.

Rome Turns Right

For weeks, the left-wing coalition in Rome quarrels over the use of the European Union Recovery Fund. Hence, the fund of which Italy is supposed to be the main beneficiary has become a new reason for tensions after months of disputes.