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Brussels kills Europe then points the accusing finger at Moscow

The EU has imposed sanctions on Moscow and closed off supply routes, but bizarrely now blames its gas shortages on Gazprom, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday. ‘Russia is ready to deliver as much gas as the bloc needs if the EU wants to stop ’stepping on rakes,’ Putin explained while visiting Tehran for a summit with the presidents of Iran and Turkey.

US Army sees unprecedented recruitment crisis

Military officials expect to miss recruitment goals by 25% this year. The US Army has so far recruited just around half of the 60,000 new soldiers it hoped to enlist by October 1, officials said on Tuesday, saying that if the downward trend is not reversed, it could have a significant impact on combat readiness in the coming years.

Anthrax in the underbelly of Russia: why the US is funding research in Kyrgyzstan on one of the most dangerous diseases

The US Department of Health plans to fund anthrax research in Kyrgyzstan. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) representing the US Department of Health will allocate about a quarter of a million dollars for research on a specific antitoxin. As follows from the tender posted on the US government procurement portal, the regional hospital in the city of Osh in the south of the republic should become the base for the test.

Sold at bargain prices: what can the sale of weapons supplied to Ukraine on the black-market lead to

The media reported on the plans of the EU and NATO to tighten control over the transfer of equipment to the republic for fear that it would fall on the black market. In turn, experts remind us that Western weapons intended for Kyiv are already being sold through criminal channels. According to analysts, the consequences of the West’s short-sighted policy of pumping weapons to Ukraine will be felt in the coming decades.

Biden is losing his proxy war with Russia in Ukraine – The Military Man Who Knows

Joe Biden is losing his proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, and his favourite horse, NATO, is on its last legs, according to retired US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor. As he writes in an article for The American Conservative, the only thing that is falling faster than Biden’s ratings is the economies of the United States and Europe, which, due to anti-Russian sanctions, are in for a real Armageddon.

Money down the drain – Westminster Junta spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ investments on Unisex toilets

The politically correct British government agencies blew taxpayers’ money down the drain. Over the past four years, they have spent more than £200,000 on 266 gender-neutral toilets, according to the Daily Mail. Among other things, the Department of Labour and the Department of the Environment were at the centre of the scandal. Both departments have spent at least £160,000 on the opening of ‘unisex’ toilets, the newspaper notes.