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West using Ukrainians as cannon fodder – Putin

The US and its satellites are using Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia, the president insists. Western nations are intentionally seeding chaos and violence to achieve their geopolitical goals, Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed. The conflict in Ukraine is an attempt by the US and its satellites to use the country to harm Russia, he stated.

Fauci lied, millions died – Musk

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk triggered a social media firestorm on Sunday after suggesting that US Covid-19 czar Dr Anthony Fauci should be investigated and prosecuted for allegedly lying under oath about the funding of research at a Wuhan lab in China.

When propaganda movies need real corpses the Ukrainian Army obliges

The chairman of the International Public Tribunal for the Crimes of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis and Their Accomplices, a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Maxim Grigoriev, provided RT with undeniable proof and evidence from residents of Lisichansk about how in the spring of 2022 security forces subordinate to Kyiv shot at civilians for the sake of filming propaganda materials.