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Westminster Regime panics as the Can’t Pay Won’t Pay movement gathers speed

Threat and scare tactics are being spread by state media to discourage citizens attracted to strike against paying soaring energy bills. Amid fast-growing support in the UK for the Don’t Pay movement, which is trying to get the government to back down from raising energy prices, an executive at energy company Utilita warned that refusing to pay their electricity bills would cause ‘all sorts of problems’ for people. 

Britons are fast being replaced by Mohammed and other non-Europeans

Newly released data on live births in the United Kingdom point to rapidly changing demographic trends in the country, with nearly 3 in 10 births in the U.K. to women who were not born in the U.K. The data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) shows that last year 179,726, or 28.8 per cent of births were to foreign-born women. Meanwhile, 445,055 babies last year were to U.K.-born women.

Russia is fighting NATO, not Ukraine

Russia is certainly fighting NATO in Ukraine, not Ukraine itself, President Putin’s deputy chief-of-staff says: Ukraine’s leadership has sold out its own people to fight on behalf of NATO against Russia, Sergey Kirienko, the deputy head of the administration of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said. He added that Western nations (including the Kiev junta) are happy to see Ukrainians die as long as it serves NATO interests.

Suicidal Attack on a Nuclear Power plant is clear evidence that people don’t learn from History

Even as UN Secretary-General António Guterres addressed survivors of the World War Two US atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima – without mentioning who carried out the war crime, halfway around the world, the armed forces of Washington-armed Ukraine seemed hellbent on unleashing a modern-day nuclear holocaust on Europe by firing artillery rockets at the Zaporozhye power plant.