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So, they really do take us for fools

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is desperately trying to distance himself from late Israeli-American financier Jeffrey Epstein. He now claims that they never had any business together despite their meeting on numerous occasions to discuss ‘philanthropy’.

Spain’s Constitutional Court declares illegal the Lockdowns of the first state of alarm

The court ruling, a devastating blow to the Madrid-based regime of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s far-left regime, is in shock. The PSOE (Socialist Workers) government could face calls for compensation far more than the European Union could afford. The ruling will send shock waves through other EU globalist-minded nations. Leftist France and Italy are border neighbours of long-suffering Spain.

Canadian Soldier charged with Covid mutiny

A Canadian soldier has been charged with mutiny, a capital offence after calling on troops not to distribute the killer Covid-19 vaccine. He has been charged for allegedly trying to encourage fellow servicemen to defy orders in distributing what he called the ‘killer Covid-19 vaccine’, the Department of National Defence has said.

Edward Snowden Whistle-blower was Right

Snowden was right: Celebration and calls for pardon after European court rules UK spy agency GCHQ’s online snooping was illegal. Could dissident journalist Julian Assange be released after the Washington DC, dubbed ‘The Great Satan’ by critics, suffering a humiliating debacle over Western suppression of ‘inconvenient journalism’?