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Democracy is likely the most abused term in human history

The Second World War never did formally end; it merely adapted to circumstances. The next stage was to mirror former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln’s judgement: ‘Destroy a people’s racial bond and you destroy its natural ride and resilience. The race mixers mongrelised offspring thus becomes more easily controlled and defeated, and their future depends on stronger peoples.’

Western Journalist ‘Sentenced to Death’ for Exposing Western War Crimes

‘This is a question of revenge of a huge state on a caring person’: why a court in London approved the extradition of Assange to the USA: The Westminster Magistrates Court in London has approved the extradition of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to the United States by issuing a warrant. According to the organization itself, the final decision on this case should be made by the head of the UK Home Office, Priti Patel. 

For once a legal decision that isn’t Queer

Paivi Maria Rasanen was accused of inciting homophobia due to quoting the Bible and stating that marriage was a union between man and woman. A Helsinki court has dismissed all charges against former Finnish minister Paivi Rasanen and Lutheran bishop Juhan Pohjoli in a trial portrayed as a major litmus test for freedom of speech that garnered international attention.

International Tribunals Start Next Week! Gates, Fauci and Others Facing Death Penalty for Crimes Against Humanity

Dr Fuellmich also talks about spirituality, which he believes will play an important role in humanity’s evolving and winning this case; in not giving up and in a future new society which Reiner believes will be based on local or regional societies, with local supplies, and regional trade. Dr Fuellmich feels that about 30% of the population are awake and can no longer be fooled, while another 40% are in the process of waking up, demonstrating throughout Europe, what has so far been mostly hidden by the mainstream media, and CAN NO LONGER BE SILENCED!