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So, what is actually happening?

In a nutshell: a war against humanity waged by a bunch of unelected sociopathic billionaires with too much money and power and the power to influence governments, own world banks and media and drive medical agencies, who want to take control of us, body, soul and money, and push us towards a one-world government or ‘Great-Reset’. More info, documents and videos.

Politicians demand more Repression and People Control

What is it about the political elite that thinks their role is to act as sheepdogs necessary for controlling the little people, the sheep? Australian MP Frank Pangallo says that what unvaccinated people are allowed to do in the community will need to be controlled and restricted by authorities; the authorities being government-assisted by media and police.

Killing Three Turds With One Stone

As a writer-researcher I constantly search for the one story that changes everything. Scanning an independent report I realised I had finally struck gold. According to Hawaii-based R. J. Rummel’s, Power, Genocide and Mass Murder, Journal of Peace Research, no less than 170 million people were butchered by government during the 20th Century.