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White Genocide is going to plan according to Globalists

It will have dire consequences if it continues, as many fear it will.
When the UK first went into lockdown in March 2020 it was assumed that with the nation locked down and in their homes there would be a baby boom. How much could we Netflix and drink too much before thoughts turned to more amorous pursuits? Health minister Nadine Dorries tweeted what many people thought: ’As the minister responsible for maternity services, I’m just wondering how busy we are going to be, nine months from now.

England’s Chief Medical Officer promises no more lockdowns

Lockdowns are unlikely to be needed again as Britain learns to treat coronavirus like flu, Prof Chris Whitty has said. England’s chief medical officer said that up to 25,000 people die in a bad flu year without anyone noticing and that accepting some Covid deaths would be the price of keeping schools and business open and allowing people to live a ‘whole life’.

The Mad Mayor on Mayhem

Bristol’s enraged Mayor Marvin Rees has slammed those involved in Sunday’s riot which saw 20 police officers injured some seriously. The outburst occurred as concerned people took to the streets of Bristol to protest a bill that will give UK police draconian new powers that bring to mind Stalin’s notorious Soviet Union.