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Terrible Stories: British health workers spoke about the collapse of the healthcare system

The UK National Health System (NHS) is going through hard times, according to France 24. According to doctors, patients taken to hospitals sometimes have to wait 10-12 hours for an appointment. Sanctions Blowback: The French channel notes that the UK has already begun to be overwhelmed by a wave of strikes by medical workers, dissatisfied with the huge workload and low wages. Steve has been an ambulance driver in London for 27 years.

Funeral home owner in the US pleads guilty to body parts for cash scheme

The director of a Colorado funeral home stole the bodies and body parts of the deceased and resold them. Sunset Mesa Funeral Home operator Megan Hess has confessed to stealing hundreds of bodies and body parts and reselling them to individuals and companies that purchased them for scientific, medical and educational purposes, according to a plea agreement filed on Tuesday.