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Still think population displacement is a Conspiracy Theory

In Austria, the number of people born abroad has reached a new high. One of the small nation’s top parties is ringing the alarm about Austria’s continuous influx of foreigners. Almost 1.8 million (20.1 percent) of the people living in Austria were born abroad, according to the latest 2020 migration report by the Austrian Integration Fund. Five years ago, the proportion was 18.3 percent.

Split to Hit the Brussels Snake Pit

The €1 trillion bloc of four Central members of the European Union are standing up for sovereignty against the EU. ‘Third World War’ looms in the European Union says Polish PM, as the battle lines harden. Hungary stands ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with Poland against the blackmailing EU says Budapest

The Curve is Flattened and watch what happens without laughing

It is said that the first sign of idiocy is to constantly do the same thing and accept a different result. While Denmark has vaccinated over 75 percent of its 5.8 million-strong population, the ongoing spike, with figures unseen since winter and spring, came as a shock about the media-hyped efficiency of vaccines in a country that recently dropped most COVID restrictions, researchers said.