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Brace for a Dirt Poor Europe and a Great Depression to dwarf the Dust Bowl crisis of the 1930s

Europe and the US are facing a severe recession caused by the Ukrainian crisis, anti-Russian sanctions and soaring inflation, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten writes, citing Deutsche Bank analysis. A similar opinion was also expressed by experts from Moody’s Analytics and JPMorgan, who noted that the entire global economy is suffering losses from the American inspired anti-Russian sanctions.

The rebellion of five EU countries against the embargo on gas and oil from the Russian Federation

Five European states were outraged by the possibility of imposing an embargo on Russian energy carriers. On Friday, April 8, reports the British edition of the Daily Express. According to the author of the material, the rebellion in the European Union was led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who believes that such a ban would kill the country and other European nations.