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No kings, queens or jacks. Gender neutral playing cards invented in Netherlands.

Playing cards, a card game that originated in the 9th Century could be changed forever after a media sponsored woman came up with a deck without kings, queens and jacks. The new invention is widely published with positive spin and promoted by multi-national Reuters news agency that supplies Western media with a constant stream of news and views that is heavily influenced by Israeli interests.

Sweden urgently needs an Anti-Madness Vaccine

While deploying troops to assist the police in monitoring the national border controls and upholding the government’s entry ban due to a mutated Covid strain, Sweden freed asylum seekers from the new restrictions for ‘humanitarian reasons’. Migrants are still being encouraged to come to Sweden and spread like a contagion.

Free Media isn’t Free

Imagine you’re running a restaurant that struggles to stay open. People come and go; they sit at its terrace tables and read your newspapers. On leaving they congratulate you on your business and some leave a dime on the coffee cup’s saucer.