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Immediately after landing: Pilot suffers cardiac arrest after corona vaccination – not an isolated case

An American pilot suffered a heart attack shortly after landing his plane and whilst en route to his next flight. He blames the corona vaccination for this. But what happened is not an isolated case. Many pilots report problems after the mandatory corona vaccinations and their concerns beforehand but are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out.

Gas Prices soar to three times pre-sanctions prices

Romania’s largest energy suppliers will increase the price of natural gas by two and a half to three times from July, mostly justifying the rise in price with the war in Ukraine. In fact, the increase is a direct result of the Romanian member of the European Union regime – after accepting Russian gas – refusing to pay for it in rubles. Many EU nations have decided to pay their bills in rubles.

Sad for Ukraine but sad for Westerners too

Commenting on over a decade of lies told to the now bereft people of Ukraine, Maria Zakharova was at her caustic best. In a sharp rebuke to the Brussels cult, her stinging remarks directed at the shameless duplicitous whores of Europe’s parliaments are a reminder to all Europeans that the mindset of political deceit is not only deceiving the Ukrainians but themselves and their families.