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Angry Spaniards run their Prime Minister out of town

Left-wing Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s motorcade was attacked by angry locals as he arrived in Ceuta, which is ground-zero for a rapidly developing migrant crisis. Thousands of additional migrants are believed to be heading to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta after a record number of about 6,000 migrants arrived across the sea on Monday.

Say Thanks and go with €30,000 in your Pockets

Inger Støjberg, Denmark’s former migration minister has requested that Syrian asylum seekers, many of whom have lived in the Scandinavian country for nearly a decade now, begin making arrangements to leave the country. She also asked that the asylum seekers to kindly give thanks to the generous Danes who ensured their well-being when they needed it most.

The Right is Right Again

Migration is not needed for growth or prosperity: Domestic industry in Europe’s most conservative anti-migrant nation expanded by 4 percent in the first quarter of 2021 despite the fact that the automotive industry, which has the highest weight and growth potential in Hungary, fell by 3.6 percent. The overall growth spurt despite the slowdown in automobile production shows that right-wing Hungarian industry has a balanced structure and has several strong points.

Roots the Movie in Reverse

The Danish government is looking for ways to deter economic migrants seeking a better life of financial and comfort paid for others. The small nation has come up with the idea of directing asylum seekers to countries outside the European continent. Danish MEPs are currently debating a bill that would allow the Scandinavian country to transfer responsibility for receiving applicants to a third country or several third countries, Le Monde reported.