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How Radio and Television Destroyed Western Culture and Civilised Creative Living

It is difficult not to notice the corrosive effect of television programming on people across frontiers. Posterity may likely record that the onset of the television age plunged mankind into an abyss of mediocrity. Far from improving peoples lives, television and on-stream entertainment didn’t fill a gap in peoples lives; they replaced the rich course of blood that nourished human inspiration.

NHS Whistle-blowers: Persecuted and trashed by managers to cover up patient safety issues

The life-threatening issue is much more widespread than the public realises. The recent Dispatches programme and article in the Times by journalist Matthew Syed highlighted the plight of whistle-blowers in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) citing the case of Peter Duffy, a consultant surgeon, working for the Morecambe Bay Foundation Trust. Faced with failures at the trust in the emergencies department he expressed concern for patients who subsequently died from kidney sepsis.

Live Between the Sheets

Why live one life when by purchasing and reading books and novels you can live as many lives as you wish? You can accompany explorers, share the fields of conflict with the servicemen of many nationalities. You can fall in love with beautiful women and travel, solve crimes and be a part of any unfolding drama. Dilemma: With millions of titles available our problem as book buyers is to discover a novel that will turn us into a Paige Turner.