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Drastic Solution to the problem of the disappearing Ukrainians

A 63-year-old Ukrainian man has set himself on fire outside the Ukrainian consulate in Kraków after reportedly calling for Ukrainians to return home and defend their country against Russia. According to Polish commercial radio, RMF FM, the incident took place early on Thursday morning as a group of Ukrainian nationals stood in line outside the consulate building in Kraków. According to eyewitnesses, a man began to behave strangely and shout loudly in Ukrainian. He proceeded to douse himself in liquid from a bottle before setting himself on fire and running in agony.

France announces massive police mobilization

An extra 13,000 state cops will be deployed to counter nationwide protests, the interior minister has announced: French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has ordered 13,000 police officers into the streets of France’s major cities as protests against the government’s controversial pension reforms continue. Darmanin said that he is expecting ’radical activists’ from abroad to instigate violence at the demonstrations but declined to reveal the source.

With cities buckling under the pressure of migration, France is looking to relocate thousands of foreigners to the French countryside

Ever since the Macron regime said it would prioritize sending migrants to rural areas, a number of towns have struggled against the construction of migrant centers and planned relocations. Now, a new reception center for asylum seekers is planned to be built in the small and picturesque French town of Beyssenac, which will house 40 migrants where an old archetypal inn had operated.