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Brace for ‘A Hurricane of Hunger’ says UN Chief

The current situation in Ukraine fuelled by the United States and EU regimes could lead to a hurricane of hunger that will sweep the world, warns UN Secretary-General António Guterres. As the German TV channel ZDF notes, the 45 least developed countries of the world import at least a third of the wheat from Ukraine or from Russia. Guterres called on the international community to act to prevent the collapse of the global food system.

Europe in Crisis as Prices Soar and EU Regimes told to Focus on Domestic, not Russia-Ukraine Problems

Huge numbers of truck drivers have gathered in Cologne to protest high petrol prices, according to the German newspaper Express. As the German Freight Transport and Logistics Association warns, the situation is now much tougher than with the coronavirus: Germany is looming over the worst supply crisis in 70 years, which will mean partly empty supermarket shelves.

Germany has two options Bad and Very Bad says Economist

For the West, and especially for Germany, there are two options for further developments: bad and very bad, says economics expert Daniel Stelter. If a boycott of Russian oil and gas is introduced, Germany will simultaneously endure further price increases and a stagnant economy. In addition, we should expect problems in the food sector and, possibly, a new wave of refugees, he warns in an interview with the German Focus magazine.

The Price of Backing Biden is going ballistic

In France and throughout the European Union, consumers have begun stockpiling liquid fuels and non-perishable food as they fear that the Clash between the Western powers and Russia in Ukraine will keep oil and food prices rising. Both are connected. Unexpectedly high demand this time of year has led to problems for suppliers, who may have to limit the sale of fuel.

Russian Ministry of Defence announces the formation of humanitarian convoys to help the population of Ukraine

As the Western powers pour arms, ammunition and mercenaries into the Killing Field of Ukraine the Russian authorities are organizing the supply of humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian population affected by the military operation. The Russian Armed Forces are ready to ensure the security of humanitarian corridors in the unlikely event that Kiev is allowed by Washington DC to accept the Russian initiative. The source of the news story is the Russian Defence Ministry.