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Who will rid us of Macron’s murderous mayhem

French cafés sit EMPTY as police RAID outdoor diners after Macron extends vaccine pass to restaurants. State Police in France has begun enforcing the vaccination pass mandate to enter cafés and restaurants, leading to many of their tables being empty during the usually busy lunchtime, as the French lunched on public benches instead.

The Meaning of Compassion

During a very windy day, 95-year-old Bob Malloy was worried about walking all the way home with his bag of groceries after shopping. He reached out to one of the supermarket employees, 18-year-old Christian Trouesdale, a stock assistant, asking if he could help. The compassionate teen responded by walking with him all the way home; holding Bob’s hand with his right and carrying Bob’s groceries with his left hand, and keeping a warm smile on his face the whole time.

The True Meaning of Compassion and Empathy

When a mother took her teething toddler out for a meal, a waitress’ kindness gave them both a sense of peace. Jessica Ibarra’s 18-month-old son, Dominic, was teething, being fussy and having a generally tough day. The pain of when various teeth come in for a child can cause irritability, excessive crying and night waking, and Dominic was feeling the brunt of it.