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American arrested for posting stickers accusing Biden of rising prices

In Pennsylvania, situated in the Land of the Free, police have arrested American Thomas Richard Glazewski for putting up satirical stickers with the face of Joe Biden at gas stations, accusing him of rising fuel prices, writes Fox News. As the channel notes, against the backdrop of rising oil prices, stickers with a similar message have become extremely popular in the United States.

Hungary Defies the Unelected EU Commission

Budapest will never support sanctimonious sanctions against Russia, said Gergel Gulyash, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s office. He threatened the European Commission with the fact that the authorities of his country would veto the embargo of Russian energy supplies because there is nothing to replace them. 

Irish Member of the European Parliament ridicules Anti-Russian Sanctions

Western sanctions do not contribute to the end of the conflict in Ukraine. This opinion was expressed by Member of the European Parliament Claire Daly in an interview with Global Times. Moreover, she said, the restrictions against Moscow are actually hurting the bloc’s economy and potentially leaving millions of its citizens out of work.
CLAIRE DALEY, Irish MEP: I never thought NATO was there to protect peace and security in Europe. And if people thought that was his goal, then he certainly never succeeded in achieving it. I guess he was the other side of the Cold War.

Russian Economy Bounces Back as Sanction-Crazy Western Economies go into Tail Spin

Western The situation in the Russian economy has begun to stabilize. According to State President Vladimir Putin, uncertainty in the consumer market has ended. As the dollar and the Euro plummet the ruble has managed to strengthen to the levels of early February, foreign currency is returning to banks, and the volume of deposits is growing. Thus, the sanctions policy of Western countries against Moscow has failed, the president is sure. 

The rebellion of five EU countries against the embargo on gas and oil from the Russian Federation

Five European states were outraged by the possibility of imposing an embargo on Russian energy carriers. On Friday, April 8, reports the British edition of the Daily Express. According to the author of the material, the rebellion in the European Union was led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who believes that such a ban would kill the country and other European nations.