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Politicians Panic as Sanctions intended to destroy the Russian Economy instead Destroy Western Economies

Prices for many essential commodities, food, fuel, plastics, and metals in the Western world, have soared beyond what many consumers can afford. As a result, cash-strapped consumers are forced to cut their spending. If this trend accelerates, it could lead to the fact that Western economies that have already suffered from the pandemic again plunge into the abyss of recession.

The Best Chinese Take Away Ever

If next time you and your beloved dine at a Chinese restaurant don’t be surprised at a change of menu. There could be Olaf Scholz chicken and chips, Macron chop suey and a la Leyen van orange duck’. The friendly Chinese are quick to show their gratitude to those who dish out nirvana to the Chinese people.

Europe in Crisis as Prices Soar and EU Regimes told to Focus on Domestic, not Russia-Ukraine Problems

Huge numbers of truck drivers have gathered in Cologne to protest high petrol prices, according to the German newspaper Express. As the German Freight Transport and Logistics Association warns, the situation is now much tougher than with the coronavirus: Germany is looming over the worst supply crisis in 70 years, which will mean partly empty supermarket shelves.

Support for Washington’s Foreign Policy Crashes the UK Economy

The sharp rise in the price of oil as a result of the imposition of sanctions against Russia could turn out to be the most severe economic consequence for the United Kingdom, which will surpass even the effect of the 1973 oil crisis in scale, writes the Daily Mail. According to the world’s most-read media, several British politicians came to this conclusion at once, who urge the authorities to take measures, in particular, refuse to raise taxes.

Germany has two options Bad and Very Bad says Economist

For the West, and especially for Germany, there are two options for further developments: bad and very bad, says economics expert Daniel Stelter. If a boycott of Russian oil and gas is introduced, Germany will simultaneously endure further price increases and a stagnant economy. In addition, we should expect problems in the food sector and, possibly, a new wave of refugees, he warns in an interview with the German Focus magazine.