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Money down the drain – Westminster Junta spent hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ investments on Unisex toilets

The politically correct British government agencies blew taxpayers’ money down the drain. Over the past four years, they have spent more than £200,000 on 266 gender-neutral toilets, according to the Daily Mail. Among other things, the Department of Labour and the Department of the Environment were at the centre of the scandal. Both departments have spent at least £160,000 on the opening of ‘unisex’ toilets, the newspaper notes. 

Top health official comments on how monkeypox spreads

‘Initial cases in Europe last month were found almost entirely in gay and bisexual men, and this trend has continued.’ The monkeypox virus can spread through the air, but only if close, sustained face-to-face contact like passionate kissing is maintained, the director of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told reporters on Friday.

British Cops threaten comedians with police reports over transgender jokes

The UK Home Office has launched a new hate crime strategy to encourage citizens to be more vigilant about hate crimes. According to the publication, activists fear that because of such an approach, supporters of wokism will bombard the police with complaints about jokes on certain topics, including, for example, gender issues, because of which famous comedian Ricky Gervais recently came under a flurry of criticism.