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Fauci lied, millions died – Musk

Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk triggered a social media firestorm on Sunday after suggesting that US Covid-19 czar Dr Anthony Fauci should be investigated and prosecuted for allegedly lying under oath about the funding of research at a Wuhan lab in China.

Allied War, Betrayal and Savagery in South-East Asia

‘A long line of such incidents parades before my mind: the story of our Marines firing on unarmed Japanese survivors who swam ashore on the beach at Midway. The accounts of our machine-gunning prisoners on a Hollandia airstrip; of the Australians pushing captured Japanese soldiers out of transport planes which were taking them south over the New Guinea mountains (the Aussies reported them as committing hara-kiri or ‘resisting’‘).

Holodomors and Wars to Ethnically Cleanse Christian Ukraine

HISTORY AGAIN REPEATS: Following World War II the population of the defeated German Reich as a deliberate allied policy was reduced by 14 million. The grim toll included millions of mostly but not exclusively German males of child-producing age. Prisoners of war, in defiance of the International Cross and Geneva Convention, were held abroad and worked as slaves until 1948 and beyond.