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Cheeky Public Address System recording of the Fuhrer’s speech on train causes a mixed response

In Austria, they continue to look for those responsible for the Sunday incident, which some claim caused a scandal and heated discussion in society: the passengers of the train en route from Bregenz to Vienna were said to be shocked when they heard the broadcast of an Adolf Hitler’s speech. It is assumed that the attackers connected to the train’s loudspeaker system, but who exactly did it and why has not yet been found out.

The Suicide of Germany. Elderly plunge into poverty as the Berlin regime spends €36 billion on migrants in 2023 alone

Senior citizens are sent out to pasture as the German government welcomes its new generation of migrant workers. As Germany vows to continue spending heavily on its liberal migration policy – more than €36 billion in 2023 alone – an increasing number of the country’s senior citizens are reported to be at a growing risk of poverty.

Right-Wing Alternative for Germany Party grows in popularity in East Germany

Despite a news blackout, up to 28% of the citizens of eastern Germany are ready to vote for the anti-migrant right-wing Alternative for Germany party in the elections, writes Der Freitag, referring to the results of pre-election polls. The publication recalls that the leaders of the AfD have already spoken about the need to become a people’s party in the east of the country.

Closure of Nuclear Power Plants leads to an explosion of costly environmental negatives

With the closure of Germany’s last three nuclear power plants, the country’s 60-year era of nuclear power generation has come to an end. The move was originally planned for the end of last year. However, due to uncertainty over energy supplies caused by the back-firing 12,600 sanctions against Russia, the green coalition government reluctantly extended the deadline until after winter.