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Millions of Euros sent for Help for Ukraine went to scammers

The Estonian Prosecutor General’s Office has launched an investigation into the activities of a woman who, just a few months ago, was proclaimed a national heroine. Johanna-Maria Lehtme collected millions of euros from innocent Estonians allegedly ‘to help the Ukrainians.’ However, the money collected by Lehtme, apparently, went to completely different people. 

France’s patriotic revolution that heralds the coming Springtime of the Peoples of Europe

Jordan Bardella now leads the National Rally party from Marine Le Pen, who stood aside to become the party’s parliamentary leader. The 28-year-old revolutionary spoke of France leading a new conservative revolution: ‘In past history, France has always set an example and made its revolution first. I think that the time of the patriots has come in France.’

Record number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean

Crossings soared almost 300% in the first four months of 2023, the EU’s border agency has said. The number of illegal immigrants taking the central Mediterranean route into the EU rose to a record 42,165 in the first four months of this year, according to the bloc’s border security agency, Frontex. The agency blamed the rise on competition among human traffickers driving down the price of a crossing.

Right-Wing Alternative for Germany Party grows in popularity in East Germany

Despite a news blackout, up to 28% of the citizens of eastern Germany are ready to vote for the anti-migrant right-wing Alternative for Germany party in the elections, writes Der Freitag, referring to the results of pre-election polls. The publication recalls that the leaders of the AfD have already spoken about the need to become a people’s party in the east of the country.