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Putin signs a law to increase the punishment for paedophilia. Life imprisonment for paedophiles

MARCH 6: Vladimir Putin signed a law toughening penalties for crimes against the sexual integrity of minors. In particular, the document expands the list of persons to whom the provision on aggravating circumstances will be applied if they commit a crime. Along with this, criminal liability is introduced for forcing children to engage in sexual activities using the Internet or the media, as well as for harbouring serious crimes against minors.

The new German Regime’s first priority is to declare war on its critics

Germany, an American colony since 1945 has a managed democracy government in Berlin. Like most nations deprived of people’s sovereignty and a legitimate constitution, Germany faces scores of massive problems. The nation’s challenges are primarily economic, constitutional, unpopularity, Covid-related chaos, and of course the calamitous consequences of decades of open door to Third World migrants.