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Cheeky Public Address System recording of the Fuhrer’s speech on train causes a mixed response

In Austria, they continue to look for those responsible for the Sunday incident, which some claim caused a scandal and heated discussion in society: the passengers of the train en route from Bregenz to Vienna were said to be shocked when they heard the broadcast of an Adolf Hitler’s speech. It is assumed that the attackers connected to the train’s loudspeaker system, but who exactly did it and why has not yet been found out.


MICHAEL WALSH HUMOUR: Long before the term political correctness had any meaning there was a richness to riposte that is sadly lacking in today’s vernacular. Those in the public eye often captured the headlines with a sneering wisecrack at an opponent. Newspaper editors too risked their readers’ wrath with an occasional derisive comeback.


We often find funniness even under the most dreadful circumstances; it is known as gallows humor. The never-ending recession has produced its own brand of wit. ‘With the market turmoil being what it is what’s the best way to make a small fortune? Start off with a large one’.

Sex in the Gritty

We are all familiar with the terms, slap an’ tickle, hanky-panky or a little bit of how’s your father? Such colourful expressions amusingly suggest that we are more comfortable with alternatives to the taboo three-letter word.

Out of the mouths of babes

A group of researchers asked children aged 4 to 8 the same question: ‘What does love mean?’ The answers were far more profound and extensive than anyone could possibly imagine. And this broadens our understanding of love, and takes it beyond love-sex between a man and a woman.

Putin pushes Biden off his Bike

The fall of the American president from a bicycle gave rise to ridicule from his political opponents. In their opinion, the failure that befell Joe Biden not only indicates his health problems but also perfectly illustrates the deplorable state of the United States itself, Saturday’s fall of Joe Biden from a bicycle caused a lively discussion among Republicans. They did not miss the opportunity to exercise wit and comment on the situation in the country, writes Newsweek.