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Hungarian Foreign Minister Says He Shares Opinion on Zelensky’s Mental Problems

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations of Hungary, Peter Szijjártó, said that he shares the opinion of the Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic, Laszlo Köver, about the mental problems of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which explain his attacks on foreign leaders. He announced this on Monday on his Facebook page (banned in the Russian Federation; owned by the Meta corporation, which is recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation).

My Way or Highway  Orbán tells Brussels Mobsters

Just as the heads of state and government were gathering in Brussels for a two-day summit to discuss a new set of sanctions against Russia – or rather, scraping the bottom of the barrel for anything else they could chastise Putin with, Hungary restated its position that it cannot stand behind the proposed sanctions.

Hungary Defies the Unelected EU Commission

Budapest will never support sanctimonious sanctions against Russia, said Gergel Gulyash, head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s office. He threatened the European Commission with the fact that the authorities of his country would veto the embargo of Russian energy supplies because there is nothing to replace them.