Tag: Killing the Ukrainian Nation

Sorry, we shot our own Government Envoy

In the office of Ukrainian President Zelensky, the murder of a Ukrainian negotiator Denis Kireev was explained by an error made in the work of the special services. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the office of the President of Ukraine, confessed that Denis Kireev, a participant in Russian-Ukrainian negotiations, was not in fact an agent of Russia. According to him, the murder of the banker on March 5, 2022 is due to errors in the work of law enforcement agencies.

The Great Escape as Poles of military age flee to the West – away from the Ukrainian conflict

From April 23, 2022, instead of one reserve army, there were two reserves in the Polish Armed Forces: passive and active. Next year, 250,000 reserve servicemen, who actually have nothing to do with the army, are likely to receive notice of actual conscription. As a result, thousands of Polish men of military age have begun to leave for other EU countries. This trend is already widespread and causes both approval and criticism, according to Dziennik Polityczny.

West using Ukrainians as cannon fodder – Putin

The US and its satellites are using Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia, the president insists. Western nations are intentionally seeding chaos and violence to achieve their geopolitical goals, Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed. The conflict in Ukraine is an attempt by the US and its satellites to use the country to harm Russia, he stated.