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If you were not Covid vaccinated breathe a deep sigh of relief

In a recently published report by Pfizer BioNTech, the pharmaceutical company concedes that there can be no guarantee that their vaccine against the coronavirus is safe and effective enough for permanent approval on the drug market. Despite this, millions of people have been vaccinated with this vaccine and it is still being used. BVNL is shocked by this and wants clarification from the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Hundreds of Little White Crosses will be Silent No More

On March 29th the ‘Silent No More’ movement was officially born in New Zealand. It was an event that was created out of a collective vision and a collective effort of numerous passionate New Zealanders from around the country who all had a shared desire and need to come together to tell their story and to just be heard. People from right across the country gathered in front of parliament in a memorial service grieving together, to tell their stories together, and to deliver their petition with 12,000 signatures gathered in just 5 days to parliament.

Five Predictions that make your hair stand up or you wake up

The image of the hero that the US media creates for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will collapse very soon, Daily Wire host Candice Owens predicted. According to the publicist, the same thing will happen to the Ukrainian leader that has already happened to George Floyd, who was killed by the police: people will remember that he is far from being as pure as they are trying to portray in America.

COVID-19 disappears but like a submarine invisibility doesn’t disguise its genocidal lethality

WORLD PREMIER: watch the full 47 minutes video despite being subject to universal censorship that has already reached 1 million views. The reaction to these revelations about the real purpose of the media-promoted ‘vaccines’ has had an impact even less than the NATO war on Russia – yet the viewer response has been worse than muffled it has been suffocated to near death.

If Europe had as many feet as a centipede it would shoot itself in every foot

Tourism in Italy is considered a backbone industry, which before the quizzical pandemic brought 13% of the country’s GDP, German TV channel Das Erste reports. In 2019, 1.7 million tourists from Russia visited Italy, leaving almost a billion euros on vacation, but because of the events in Ukraine, they are no longer counted on, which leads many companies in the Italian tourism sector to despair. The same picture emerges in Greece, Spain and Portugal.