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MPs Join Last-Ditch Fight to Stop Illegal Covid Passports

Tory MPs say they’ll defy Boris Johnson and vote against illiberal vaccine passports. Prime Minister Boris Johnson hasn’t just angered large swathes of the British public with his planned vaccine passports: he’s also angered his own MPs and legislators on the other side of the House, many of whom have now pledged to vote against such a measure.

Vaccinated Humans are Legally Patented State-Owned properties no longer subject to Human Rights

BREAKING – In the United States, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, they are now patented goods. According to US law, which can be verified, people who have been vaccinated no longer qualify as humans and therefore they can no longer be categorised as human beings. In essence, this means that those vaccinated are no longer subject to national or international law.