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If you are looking for real news that carries credibility then tune in to the Mike Walsh AHC broadcast first aired on May 10. Mike Walsh, dubbed ‘The Tucker Carlson of the airwaves’ is a veteran broadcaster with 55 years of experience in debating world affairs from a conservative point of view. His hard facts and reality bring you into the picture as no one else can.

Tucker Carlson shreds US media

America’s corporate press is paving the way to a ‘one-party state,’ the conservative pundit warns. Tucker Carlson has released a video tearing into American news outlets, in his first appearance since parting ways with Fox News, saying genuine debate on major issues is simply ’not permitted’ in US media.

Amazon claims to launch an investigation after customer complaints

Amazon is continuing to investigate after high-value orders were switched for cheaper products before delivery. Items such as cameras, watches and mobile phones were replaced with cat food, condoms and balloons, a BBC investigation has shown. Some victims were denied refunds until the BBC put their complaints to Amazon. The controversial online store claimed it was ‘working tirelessly’ to make changes to processes so it could improve customer experiences.

The $1B dollar man: Trump Shocked: Fox stock takes huge hit after Carlson exit

Fox Corporation’s stock lost $1 billion in market capitalization just minutes after news broke that Tucker Carlson departed Fox News. Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News as well as entertainment television and sports holdings, quickly plunged more than 5% after Fox News announced that Carlson and the media organization had parted ways. The announcement came as a surprise and appeared to catch shareholders off guard.

Are fewer people taking war propaganda less seriously

The Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum in Poland called for respect for the memory of the dead prisoners of the National Socialist labor camp in Auschwitz, writes The Independent. Earlier, a photo of a grinning tourist appeared on social networks, posing on the tracks along which the Germans transported people to what the victor nations claim was a death camp. As the newspaper notes, this is not the first time that the museum is faced with inappropriate behavior of visitors.


Michael Walsh Opinion: Distrust in mainstream media has always been self-evident, especially among the job’s own professionals. John Swinton, editor of the New York Tribune addressed the New York Press Association on April 12, 1893.