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Pro-Life and Child Protection activists storm BBC, ITN and Google offices demanding an end to government propaganda

Anti-Fake vaccine activists’ storm British Bas Corporation (BBC) Independent Television (ITV) and Google offices in London furious at propaganda coercing innocent people including children into being injected with a serum of unknown content and lethal side-effects whilst absolving themselves of responsibility for its side effects.

The Soros Navy, again and again, assaults Europe’s shores

On Sunday, the Microsoft and Soros-sponsored Ocean Viking ferry with 549 migrants on board arrived in the port of Pozzallo in South-eastern Sicily. The ship’s crew had to wait several days before the threatened by Brussels intimidation Italian authorities decided where it could anchor. Citing a spokesman for SOS Méditerranée, the DPA agency reported on the ship’s arrival.

Mainstream Left-Wing Hacks vent their fury at White mother of 14 beautiful children

Let us imagine that this White mother, a native of her British homeland had been Black. Make no mistake about it, Black single mothers with more than 14 kids born of multiple fathers are commonplace in diversity Britain. Would the gutter press be venting their fury on the black mother’s profundity? British journalism, a media notorious for promoting mixed-race articles and advertisements don’t think that it is Right to be White.