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BBC job vacancies but no Whites need apply

The BBC has announced that it is banning White people from applying for its latest fully paid trainee internship. The £18,000 trainee job in Glasgow will only be given to a non-White candidate. Young White people applying will be denied the opportunity on the grounds of race and the colour of their skin.


August 1, 2021, marks the 85thanniversary of the opening day of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The Berlin event was unique in that it boasted the largest number of foreign athletes in the history of the Olympics. The Berlin Olympic Village was so beautifully designed that every Olympic village since has been modelled on it. The Berlin stadium boasted seating for 100,000 spectators. Attending were four million fans and journalists from 41 nations. The Berlin Olympics was the first to be televised.  Competing in the 1936 Games were a record number of participants: 4066 athletes including 331 women from 49 countries.