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Deaths from Covid Injections running at up to 40 Per Cent

The news feed in early September 2021 is chockfull with conflicting reports of data published by Peter Schirmacher, an institute pathologist at the Heidelberg University Hospital. In Baden-Württemberg, autopsies have already been performed on 40 people who died within two weeks of the Covid vaccination procedure. Schirmacher suggests that between 30 and 40 percent of them died from the vaccine.

The Covid Questions they can’t or won’t answer

You know you have a state-compliant media when the questions you want to be asked are never asked. Questions that can have only one answer that doesn’t fit government spin are never asked by journalists. Often as in this story, the wording of government replies to a question is intended to be unclear and couched in terms 99 per cent of even educated Britons are unfamiliar with.