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The Legend of Lieutenant-Colonel Mike Hoare

Mercenary ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare (1919-2022) was perhaps the best-known of the European mercenaries who fought in the Congo Crisis.  Born to Irish parents in Calcutta he was educated in England. A rarity for mercenaries who spend their lives on the frontlines, Hoare, at 101 years old seemingly benefited from the unstinting devotion of a very special and caring guardian angel. A veteran of numerous conflicts, Mike Hoare earned his spurs as an officer in the London Irish Rifles.

US Army sees unprecedented recruitment crisis

Military officials expect to miss recruitment goals by 25% this year. The US Army has so far recruited just around half of the 60,000 new soldiers it hoped to enlist by October 1, officials said on Tuesday, saying that if the downward trend is not reversed, it could have a significant impact on combat readiness in the coming years.

British Falklands War vet captured in Donbas begs for his life

The Briton army veteran joined the notorious CIA-sponsored Azov regiment in 2018 and was detained near the city of Mariupol in the spring. Media reports: ‘A British man, who fought alongside the infamous xenophobic Azov regiment in Mariupol, has asked London for help in a video published by a Russian journalist over the weekend. Identified as John Harding, the man says he would otherwise ‘face the death penalty.’

Russia names the UK and US mercenaries en route to Ukraine

Moscow warned the individuals to turn back instead of joining Kiev’s forces. The Russian military has published the names of five people who it identified as British and American citizens on their way to join the Ukrainian forces. It warned that they could be captured and tried as mercenaries or even end up dead if they follow through on their plans.