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Thousands of Ukrainian troops desert, surrender or refuse to go to the front

Ukrainian soldiers are increasingly abandoning their positions and posting videos with complaints about their command. Why is the number of desertions increasing in the war-torn country? Draining the West’s coffers: the total assistance of Western countries to Ukraine has already exceeded the country’s military budget for 2022, which was to amount to $12 billion. And this is without taking into account donations from ordinary citizens all over the world. Very soon, Ukraine will receive another $20 billion for its military needs from the United States.

US reacts to capture of American mercenaries in Ukraine

Washington will ‘do everything’ to get them home if the reports prove true, a top US official has said The US is monitoring media reports that have claimed that two American nationals have been captured in Ukraine while fighting for the Kiev side. US State Department spokesman Ned Price said on Wednesday that Washington will do everything possible to secure their release if the reports are found to be true.

Mercenaries Trapped in Ukraine face capital punishment

DONETSK, May 27 The Prosecutor General’s Office of the DPR has completed the investigation into the criminal case of foreign mercenaries from Great Britain, Poland and Morocco, they may face the death penalty, Viktor Gavrilov, head of the department for investigating crimes against peace and human security of the republic’s Prosecutor General’s Office, told RIA Novosti.

A wake the fuck up electric shock for NATO says Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron said that the Russian military special operation in Ukraine was a ‘electric shock’ for NATO. ‘I confirm everything I said. In 2019, I said that NATO was in a state of brain death. This was true from the point of view of the strategy and the principle of the organization’s work,’ TASS quotes the influential president as saying at an event dedicated to the French leader’s election program.

No one will get out of there alive says a German volunteer about the fate of the foreign legion in Ukraine

Most of the foreign fighters who come to fight for Kyiv have no combat experience, ex-German soldier Peter, who also volunteered for Ukraine, told Heute. And then they are sent to the front to ‘sacrifice like cannon fodder.’ In addition, guys younger than 20 years old are fighting on the side of the Ukrainian authorities, the ex-Bundeswehr soldier said: ‘It will end in disaster.’

The Killing Fields of Africa + Free Download Book

European de-colonisation of Africa is viewed as the price paid for the transfer of power from White to Black rule. The concept of African independence was a massive deception on a par with that of the so-called Russian Revolution, which was nothing of the kind either. Both regime changes transferred power not to the masses but to a global banking and corporate elite. This is easily achieved when the ground is prepared.

Badass of the Bush Wars + Free Download Book

What is pseudo-terrorism? It is like terrorism, except, instead of being a terrorist; you just pretend to be a terrorist. That makes it much easier to kill the people you consider to be terrorists. You dress up like them. You adopt their call-signs. You lure them into ambushes. You wipe them out.