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Superstars of France support Marine Le Pen and National Rally Party

‘Today, people have the right to vote for someone other than Emmanuel Macron,’ states the former Miss France. French model and politician Delphine Wespiser opposed radio host Yassine Belattar on Wednesday and showed her preference for Marine Le Pen in the upcoming presidential election second round. During a debate on the Touche pas à mon poste French television talk show, Wespiser countered claims that a vote for Le Pen is a vote for the far-right.

Why Do Poles Write K+M+B on Their Doors?

A person visiting Poland for the first time may spot an unfamiliar inscription in white chalk on doors they pass – ‘K+M+B’ or ‘C+M+B’. The tradition of writing these letters has its origin in the 18th century. During the communist regime, many Poles continued this tradition as a demonstration of their own beliefs.