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Right-Wing Alternative for Germany Party grows in popularity in East Germany

Despite a news blackout, up to 28% of the citizens of eastern Germany are ready to vote for the anti-migrant right-wing Alternative for Germany party in the elections, writes Der Freitag, referring to the results of pre-election polls. The publication recalls that the leaders of the AfD have already spoken about the need to become a people’s party in the east of the country.

You can shove your coronation up your arse

Liverpool fans boo national anthem on coronation day: The club played ‘God Save the King’ at the Premier League’s request, but knew the crowd would react poorly. Liverpool fans loudly booed the national anthem ahead of their Premier League clash with Brentford on Saturday, drowning out ‘God Save the King’ with chants of ’Liverpool.’ While the UK celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, Liverpool fans have been vocal about their disrespect for the monarchy.

Mass round-up of anti-Monarchists in London (VIDEO)

Police claim the Republican demonstrators were conspiring to cause a public nuisance. State cops and police agents arrested a number of anti-monarchy demonstrators and seized protest placards ahead of the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday. The protesters say they want to be able to choose their head of state by referendum.

Germany has become part of the killing machine

Easter peace marches are planned this weekend in many German cities, the main theme of which will be the Ukrainian conflict, reports Der Tagesspiegel. The organizers of the events are convinced that the supply of weapons to Kiev and the bellicose rhetoric turned the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) into a ‘part of the killing machine’ and now it is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and the fact that millions have become refugees. They call for a ceasefire, peace talks and Berlin’s participation in the Chinese peace initiative.

France in turmoil: Police used tear gas on protesters in Paris as Le Pen calls for Resignations

On March 16, the French authorities decided to carry out a pension reform project in the country  without a vote  in the lower house on the basis of the 49th article of the French constitution, which gives the executive branch the right to adopt any law without the consent of the deputies. Deputies of the National Assembly because of this  demanded the resignation  of Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne.