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You can shove your coronation up your arse

Liverpool fans boo national anthem on coronation day: The club played ‘God Save the King’ at the Premier League’s request, but knew the crowd would react poorly. Liverpool fans loudly booed the national anthem ahead of their Premier League clash with Brentford on Saturday, drowning out ‘God Save the King’ with chants of ’Liverpool.’ While the UK celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, Liverpool fans have been vocal about their disrespect for the monarchy.

Mass round-up of anti-Monarchists in London (VIDEO)

Police claim the Republican demonstrators were conspiring to cause a public nuisance. State cops and police agents arrested a number of anti-monarchy demonstrators and seized protest placards ahead of the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday. The protesters say they want to be able to choose their head of state by referendum.

Germany has become part of the killing machine

Easter peace marches are planned this weekend in many German cities, the main theme of which will be the Ukrainian conflict, reports Der Tagesspiegel. The organizers of the events are convinced that the supply of weapons to Kiev and the bellicose rhetoric turned the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) into a ‘part of the killing machine’ and now it is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people and the fact that millions have become refugees. They call for a ceasefire, peace talks and Berlin’s participation in the Chinese peace initiative.

Singing in Church is Huge Part of Russian Christianity, Profile of one of Russia’s Greatest Choirs (VIDEO)

The Moscow Synodal Choir was founded in 1721 and is now the oldest professional choir in Russia. In fact, its origins can be traced further back to 1589, when the first professional church choir was formed, then known as the Patriarchal for it was the choir, which used to sing at the church services officiated by the Patriarch. Patriarch was the top position in the Church hierarchy in Russia well up to 1700, when the Russian reformist Tzar Peter the Great reformed the church administrative system.


The Brotherhood of the Rosary Virgin is the herald of the Resurrection of Christ celebration with a procession, the “Meeting”, which is the oldest in Almoradí and which becomes the perfect closing of our Holy Week. The origin is certainly in the birth of the Brotherhood in the seventeenth century. The Virgin, covered with a thin tulle veil, in mourning for the death of her Son, is carried in a run by her brothers and, after three reverences, she stops next to the Custody of the Blessed Sacrament, carried under a pallium in the center of the square. 

Why Do Poles Write K+M+B on Their Doors?

A person visiting Poland for the first time may spot an unfamiliar inscription in white chalk on doors they pass – ‘K+M+B’ or ‘C+M+B’. The tradition of writing these letters has its origin in the 18th century. During the communist regime, many Poles continued this tradition as a demonstration of their own beliefs.