Tucker Carlson shreds US media

America’s corporate press is paving the way to a ‘one-party state,’ the conservative pundit warns. Tucker Carlson has released a video tearing into American news outlets, in his first appearance since parting ways with Fox News, saying genuine debate on major issues is simply ’not permitted’ in US media.

Hersh spoke about the silence of the West on the leakage of weapons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the black market

The West believes that weapons supplied to Ukrainian troops end up on the international black market, but their media is silent about this, said American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner Seymour Hersh. Months after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine, according to the journalist, there were huge concerns, including about the resale of man-portable elite missile systems that are capable of shooting down planes at a considerable height.

PM Orbán says the US cannot push Hungary into war – the rest of Europe would be wise to follow his policy

Constant attacks of the Hungarian government from U.S. Democrats do little to differentiate the U.S. from the bullying superpowers it seeks to distance itself from. The relentless criticism by the Biden administration towards Europe’s most popular government is entirely disproportionate and unjustified and does little to separate the current U.S. regime from the malign superpowers it seeks to distance itself from. Hungary’s leader recognizes this and is putting his own country’s interests ahead of those of the United States, a stance that Europe would be wise to follow.

Russia admits to accidentally bombing its own city

The unintentional blast in the border city of Belgorod left three injured and significant building damage but no casualties, according to the official statement. A Russian fighter jet caused significant building damage after accidentally dropping a bomb on the Russian city of Belgorod on Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry told the Tass news agency.

A slaying that would challenge Sherlock Holmes

SPECIAL MICHAEL WALSH INVESTIGATION: The Security Service of Ukraine or Служба безпеки України (SBU) is headquartered in a formidable well-guarded building in Kyiv. To passersby, the edifice appears to be just another dreary administrative office but two of the building’s three floors are occupied by the CIA. Could this be the reason why late last year a Russian missile left a deep crater in the park situated opposite? The SBU and CIA would be well aware that the coordinates of Russia’s armed forces rarely miss their target so was it a warning shot?

Biden administration urged to stop lying about the Ukrainian conflict but it is what presidents are paid to do

A recent leak of classified documents has shown that US government claims about military operations in Ukraine do not reflect reality. Congress and the people of America must demand accountability and truth from the White House. Otherwise, the country risks being drawn into another foreign conflict writes influential retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis in an article for Fox News.