For War Profiteers Afghanistan was the most profitable war since World War II

The departure of American troops from Afghanistan is being lamented as a defeat. Not quite: Not from the point of view of the US military arms making complex and the political elite who invested in war. For them, the Afghan occupation has been a thunderous success. Trillions of taxpayer dollars have flowed through their budgets and profits over the two decades in which despite public cynicism and disapproval they successfully maintained the operation.

Brace for the Afghan invasion of Europe

No sooner had the Taliban taken Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan with barely any resistance from the Western-trained and equipped security forces, and Western politicians are already lining up at television studios to declare their resolve to import hundreds of thousands of Afghans into their countries.

Can Russia bankrupt the Suez and Panama Canals

The shortest sea route between Europe and Asia passes through the Arctic Due to thick ice it is not traversable for most of the year. Russia has now decided to invest about $10 billion in the near future in order for the region to become an international transport corridor 365 days a year. Developing the route will require a huge investment, but the potential profit will be even greater.