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U-Boat Commander Extraordinary

Exactly one month after Britain’s declaration of war on the German Reich (September 3, 1939) a U-boot skipper’s audacious opportunism sent the first of five of Britain’s battleships and battlecruisers to the bottom of Scapa Flow. Situated on Scotland’s stormy west coast this fortress harbour served as an English lair from which Royal Navy ships ambushed German shipping navigating the North Sea.

Meet Ejnar Mikkelsen, The Danish Explorer Who Survived Two Brutal Winters Stranded in The Arctic

After they were abandoned by the rest of their expedition in 1910, Ejnar Mikkelsen and one inexperienced crewmate were forced to spend 28 months alone in the Arctic wilds of Greenland. In 1909, Danish polar explorer Ejnar Mikkelsen set out on a mission to recover the lost maps and journals of a doomed Arctic expedition to the northeast coast of Greenland. But it would take him three years for him to make it back home.