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Doctor, I will be very grateful to you if you help my wife kill the children

EXCLUSIVE: Early in the morning of May 1, 1945, the last chief of staff of the ground forces of Nazi Germany, General Hans Krebs, presented the commander of the 8th Guards Army, General Vasily Ivanovich Chuikov, with Adolf Hitler’s political testament, in which he appointed members of the new German government headed by Admiral Karl Dönitz. Krebs announced Hitler’s self-martyrdom and was authorised by the new Chancellor Joseph Goebbels to negotiate a truce with the Soviet side. The Soviet side recognized only unconditional surrender.

Dear Mom, when will this era finally end?

‘This letter is specially directed to you because I can’t share my deepest feelings with anyone. I feel a tremendous need to talk to a loved one about what is almost breaking my heart. We are infantry soldiers right now. That means that eight men shared a six-bed bunker and dispose of a space of one and a half meters by two meters, no door, no light, no stove and a temperature of –15oC or –20oC, under a snowstorm.


As the world laments the Carnage of Dresden (February 13/14 1945) one hears the mantra: ‘well they started it’ and ‘they did the same to us.’ In fairness, both refrains result from the truth of the Allied bombing of civilians being withheld or denied (Holocaust denial) spun to favour the Allied perpetrators.