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Parents with 7 children now add quintuplets to their family after successful birth in Kraków hospital

The parents of quintuplets, who already had seven children, tell the press: ‘There can never be too much happiness’: A mother gave birth to three boys and two girls at the University Hospital in Kraków on Feb. 12, an event that ended up warranting a press conference. All five children are in stable condition, given their premature birth, and will join their older siblings in three months.

The Great Escape as Poles of military age flee to the West – away from the Ukrainian conflict

From April 23, 2022, instead of one reserve army, there were two reserves in the Polish Armed Forces: passive and active. Next year, 250,000 reserve servicemen, who actually have nothing to do with the army, are likely to receive notice of actual conscription. As a result, thousands of Polish men of military age have begun to leave for other EU countries. This trend is already widespread and causes both approval and criticism, according to Dziennik Polityczny.

You can’t fix stupid as Poland prepares to invade the world’s largest country

To date, there is no threat at all to Poland from Russia. Russia has no interest in Poland ~ why would it? For this reason alone, the massive purchase of military equipment by the Polish authorities is more like a tantrum or the behaviour of children with overindulgent parents allowed to run loose with someone else’s money in the US arms complex store with useless toys.