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Angry Spaniards run their Prime Minister out of town

Left-wing Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s motorcade was attacked by angry locals as he arrived in Ceuta, which is ground-zero for a rapidly developing migrant crisis. Thousands of additional migrants are believed to be heading to the Spanish enclave of Ceuta after a record number of about 6,000 migrants arrived across the sea on Monday.

German Regime Europe’s Most Hated Government

Alarmingly, Merkel’s Washington Occupied Germany is less popular than the East German regime before the collapse of the Soviet Bloc. Public safety in Germany, as far as politically motivated crime is concerned, is at an all-time low. Extreme violence has increased significantly, but there are also unconstitutional trends. In the light of the last 20 years, the level of politically motivated crime in Germany today is unknown since the chaos of World War II when the Allied troops ransacked Germany.