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Kangaroo Trials to be held in Sydney

Kangaroo Trials will start in Sydney, Australia from Monday after tens of thousands demonstrated against government repression. Multiple people were arrested and dozens charged with offenses. Up to 100,000 of anti-lockdown activists marched through major Australian cities on Saturday, following an extension of Covid-19 restrictions.

Czechs to bounce Migrants out of Lithuania

The Czech Republic could help Lithuania with the influx of migrants from Belarus, either financially or by sending police officers. The situation was discussed by the State Security Council on Friday morning, announced Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior Jan Hamáček. The government should discuss concrete steps during today’s meeting.

EU Law invites migrants to seize the homes of Europeans

In Europe, against the backdrop of the coronavirus crisis, squatting is gaining momentum, unauthorized settlement in empty housing. There are especially many such cases in Spain, where Russians like to buy holiday property. The popularity of squatting in the region is due to the peculiarities of local legislation, the invaders can only be evicted through the courts, and in some cases, it justifies the seizure: it is believed that anyone has the right to housing.