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High-flying Right-Wing Anti-Sanctions FPÖ gains ground in Austrian state elections as popularity continues to surge

In Austria, the FPÖ party has campaigned against anti-Russian sanctions, Covid-19 lockdowns, and mass immigration. On the other hand, the Social Democratic Party of Austria (SPÖ) did manage to hang on to the regional parliament in Austria’s southern state of Carinthia, but the country’s high-flying FPÖ opposition party gained ground as its popularity continued to rise in Sunday’s election.

Covid Lockdowns were driven by a Government-Inspired Fear Agenda

EUROPE RENAISSANCE EXCLUSIVE: Ex-minister wanted to frighten Britons into Covid compliance: Leaked texts suggest that Matt Hancock plotted when to release details of a new Covid variant for maximum impact. Sell Fear: Former UK health secretary Matt Hancock wanted to frighten the pants off everyone to ensure compliance with the government’s Covid-19 restrictions, a trove of leaked text messages has revealed.

Fruits and vegetables have disappeared from the shelves of British supermarkets

SANCTIONS BACKFIRE: In Britain, a country that fed itself during World War II, supermarkets, and fruit and vegetable stands in supermarkets are empty. According to NTD, food shortages have forced chains to impose restrictions on the number of goods dispensed per person. This has become a problem not only for consumers but also for the food industry, whose survival depends on easy access to products.