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Nord Stream saboteurs plunged EU into energy poverty – Moscow

The destruction of Russian gas pipelines has abolished the EU’s energy security, Deputy PM Alexander Novak said. The perpetrators of the attacks on the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines – presumed to be Washington – have destroyed the European Union’s hope for a secure and sustainable energy supply, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksander Novak has explained on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week forum.

Put the people before anti-Russian rhetoric and Ideology

The way Europe solves the issues of migration, family and gender policy, its response to the situation in Ukraine fails to benefit the European peoples themselves, says the Hungarian politician Balazs Orbán (no relation to Victor Orbán). In his article for The Daily Telegraph, he expresses his joy that in Italy, too, now the far-right nationalists have been elected. They care much more about their fellow citizens than about conformity to a certain ideology.