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Big Pharma with Media Complicity pay politicians and celebrities massive pay-outs to take fake vaccines to entice the sceptical

Self-Styled elite proved to be ROME: Is the vaccination campaign against Corona a deliberate deception, even a fraud? Yes, says the well-known Italian psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi. He, therefore, speaks of a criminal offence at the expense of an unsuspecting population, especially those professional groups that are brought into existential distress by the state in order to drive them to vaccinate. But that’s not all: Meluzzi speaks of another fraud in this colossal fraud.

Migrants Push Norway Closer to Bankruptcy

Within a single decade, the number of Norwegian municipalities that spend more than half of their social assistance budget on people with an immigrant background has grown from 17 to 123. At the same time, the amount of social assistance paid to the same demographic has more than doubled, reaching $460 million.

Living the Nightmare is here or on its way to your country

QUARANTINE HOTEL (NORWAY): Upon arrival at passport control, there is a selection: of good and bad ones. The bad are unvaccinated or vaccinated, but not in Norway. If suddenly you’ve been sick with coronavirus in the last six months, but not in Norway, you’re also bad. The bad should follow this way to the quarantine hotel and unless they are migrants at their own expense, of course.