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Special Report: Identified by their preference for shaved heads and dress code the skinhead phenomena of the 1970s attracted some scorn from the more conventional types. The skinhead’s style of dress identified skinhead youngsters as being aligned with the patriotic White and Right.


MICHAEL WALSH HUMOUR: Long before the term political correctness had any meaning there was a richness to riposte that is sadly lacking in today’s vernacular. Those in the public eye often captured the headlines with a sneering wisecrack at an opponent. Newspaper editors too risked their readers’ wrath with an occasional derisive comeback.

Do you identify as a low-wage slave?

‘Liberalism is the mockery of the unfortunate. It proclaims marvelous rights: freedom of thought, freedom to propagate ideas, and freedom of work but these rights are mere luxuries for the favored ones of fortune. The poor, in a Liberal regime, may not be bludgeoned into working; but they are starved out.

The real aggressor is America, whose megalomania threatens Russia

The United States is not interested in peace in Ukraine and will continue to provide Kiev with military assistance until Russia is weakened, Oskar Lafontaine, co-founder and former chairman of the German Left Party, said on German television. He is convinced that NATO’s eastward expansion provoked Moscow, because no state wants a knife to its neck. Americans should not do to other countries what they would not like to be done to them, emphasizes the German politician.