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Swedes and European Union citizens don’t trust politicians or the media

In a poll likely to be reflected throughout the Godless European Union the Swedes do not trust either politicians or the media. This is evidenced by the results of the latest public opinion poll, according to which only 7% of the Swedish population is convinced that politicians are actually strengthening democracy. In addition, fewer people perceive the Swedish media as independent.

Does Europe Renaissance Survive You Decide?

Again, EUROPE RENAISSANCE is in crisis and faces possible closure because of a lack of readership support. Our news platform is popular, it has thousands of visitors and hundreds of followers. Unfortunately, we barely survive as we live in a time when self-sacrifice – even for a just and needy cause – is at a low ebb. Never have people been so well-off; never have people been so lacking in charity.

Interracial hatred in the US is fueled by the media

According to recent opinion polls, almost half of the black population in the United States does not agree with the statement: ‘There is nothing wrong with being white,’ reports Fox News. As channel host Tucker Carlson noted, this is not surprising – after all, the American liberal-infested media in recent years have been cultivating anti-White propaganda.

Woke Ladybird Children’s Book thought about the political correctness of the heroes of fairy tales

In classic fairy tales, there is not enough diversity in characters: the main characters are blue-eyed and fair-haired, the villains are old, love happens at first sight, and the princess, when she sees the prince, immediately takes him for a man and refers to him with a masculine pronoun. According to the Daily Mail, this worries experts at Ladybird Books, who have decided to rewrite fairy tales in the spirit of modern trends.