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French union to cut electricity supply to politicians and billionaires ahead of the nationwide strike 

French union CGT says they will cut electricity supply to lawmakers and billionaires ahead of the nationwide strike on Thursday. Update 2 pm (January 18): The General Confederation of Labour (CGT), a national French trade union, has announced that they will cut off the electricity supply going to lawmakers and billionaires, before the nationwide protests on Thursday, January 19.

Protesters in Milan demanded to stop arming Ukraine

ROME, December 4 – EUROPE RENAISSANCE. A procession was held in the centre of Milan to protest against the sending of Italian weapons to the Ukrainian one-party state and the expansion of anti-Russian sanctions, Amedeo Avondet, one of the organizers of the action, a representative of the United Italy political organization, told RIA Novosti.

 It is time to make a stand and we show you how

The globalists are determined to submit the people of the Western Alliance to unprecedented tyranny and control through their Great Reset, Agenda21, Agenda 2030, and the New World Order. The success of the media orchestrated the Covid-Vaccination scam buoyed the gung-ho mindset of the liberal-globalist conspirators.